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The Protective Nature of Narrative Identity

When we discover the true essence of our being, and cultivate our own unique narrative identity, our sense of self becomes a protective yet permeable shield against indoctrination. For many, poor self-esteem, lack of confidence, loneliness, anxiety, grief, and depression emerge from experiences of social rejection for not sharing the beliefs and aspirations of our respective communities. We feel pressured to promote a collective agenda, at the expense of developing our core selves, which can at times leave us feeling torn in many directions, compartmentalized, and fragmented. Developing our own narrative identity through self-directed transformative reminiscence, is a way for us to embrace the wisdom, strengths, and unique talents that we have to offer the world. It allows us to cut the puppet strings and free ourselves to be whomever we are, manifesting powerfully innovative strategies for healing ourselves and the world. Embracing our true selves, and letting go of the need to invent a version of ourselves that is acceptable to the world, allows us to pour our energies into more productive and positive endeavors. Instead of overthinking our strategies for acceptance, we begin tapping into our natural creative intelligence. Instead of being guided by those whose interest in leading us is often self-serving, we become guided by inner strength, clarity of purpose, and a connection to our higher power, whatever we believe that higher power to be. From there, our dreams unfold, as we are infused with what some call the Light or the Holy Spirit, to fulfill our destiny. Reclaiming the authorship of our narrative identity, through Transformative Reminiscence, thereby leads us to create a life of meaning and purpose.

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