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My Kindred Spirits

As I reviewed my life to discover my true whole self, I became able to bare my soul to others. This drew me to those whose journeys resembled my own, and we instantly recognized one another as kindred spirits. Somehow, we could see beneath our scars, where others only saw our damaged vessels. Somehow we saw the beauty of our essences, where others only saw ugliness. Having been seen, and appreciated for our beauty, it was as if seeds of joy and wisdom awakened within us, blossoming into a garden of possibilities.

Speaking without pretense or the intent of persuasion, we were able to manifest genuine compassion and reverence for others. Such is the gift of living in pace with one's soul. In authenticity and faith in our destinies, we connected to a widening diversity of others, no longer restrained by shallow assumptions of whom they might be. For, we lifted the veils of injustice and bigotry that once tainted our perspectives. We saw others just as God sees them, and no longer feared those we could not fully understand.

Living authentically, I have discovered, allows us to really see and accept others for who they are, peering into the depths of their souls. We are thereby able to love, connect with, and learn from others in a way we could not possibly do before. When we do, we plant seeds of hope that transform lives, while transforming our own. So, you see, transformative reminiscence is far beyond telling a story to please an audience, or to explain the trials and tribulations of life. It is about tapping into a well of deep wisdom and incredible beauty. The goal is to reach a point of self-realization where we recognize that we are one with the Universe, and all of its beings. Our differences will mean nothing once we transcend life, for a higher energy and light permeates through and connects us, like the threads of a tapestry.

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