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Musical Memoirs

I can still remember the relief that would wash over me when I played a song during times of distress. My body seemed to remember that sense of relief so well that I merely had to play a tune for it to loosen up and relax, or become invigorated and strong. Music is amazing. I have seen it bring back memories for those whose memories are sparked by nothing else. I have seen those nearly immobilized by fear or sadness suddenly come to life and gain hope, just by singing and or dancing to a song. If you have a musical memoir to share, you could help someone whom is depressed and at their wit's end to shine light upon their situation. You could provide refuge for someone feeling caught up in childhood pain or fears. If you sing the song at the top of your lungs whenever you are down, your body will respond. It will take you back and at the same time ground you in the here and now like no other kind of memory can. Music is one of the most liberating interventions available to you, at little or no cost, putting you in charge of your wellbeing through mind-body awareness and control.

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