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Keeping it Real

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

When we are faced with uncertainty, challenges, and change, it becomes evermore critical to know ourselves. Keeping it real means being true to yourself, and keeping pace with your soul. What matters to you? What lights up your heart and stimulates your mind? It is important to explore the answers to such questions, lest we drift in whatever direction the wind blows. Keeping it Real, or being yourself, anchors you in truth, and provides a compass that will guide you toward the fulfillment of your dreams. So, as you write your story, remember to take stock of who you really are. Life is about evolving and becoming more enlightened and interconnected within our communities and the world. But, we can not become our enlightened selves without realizing self. The life review process, when practiced reflectively with self-affirming, problem solving, and wisdom generating purpose, is the place to start. Discover your core self, embrace your complexity, and write a love story that ends with your persona and your true self living in harmony and wholeness.

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