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Dreaming Big

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

It is strange how many of us, when we think about our ambitions, are almost apologetic about dreaming big. We dare not imagine having everything we want in life, being happy, and living our purpose, for fear that we may never attain our goals. If we have failed before, we may be more inclined to dismiss our dreams due to fear of the pain of disappointment. When we dream, it is therefore important to drown out the part of us that believes the Nay Sayers, Judges, and Shamers in our heads. Too often, we allow what people have said to us in the past to echo in our minds, reminding us of our ever so human fallibility. We spend our lives, therefore, avoiding the risk of failure. In so doing, we get what we expect. Thus, to realize our dreams, we must transform our expectations, mining through the history of our strengths and victories to harness and feed the volition to achieve our visionary aims. When we do, things will magically fall into place. Learning from those whom have succeeded or overcome great challenges, we must dream big, fuel our desires with every incremental accomplishment, and visualizing and meditating or praying about what we want. Living in faith, and with intention, we will then find doors opening that we never even knew existed.

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