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Discernment and Love

It is not often that we see the words, discernment and love, in the same sentence. But, they are certainly interdependent. When we find ourselves in the throws of emotional upheaval, generally rooted in issues of attachment and or shame, we may find it difficult to access the knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and maturity that is required to perceive the situation accurately. We therefore act from a place of fear and regression- a child state, rather than as a discerning, compassionate, and non-judging adult. The trick is to engage in reflective discourse with those we love and care about while we are able, so that we can identify times when we lack the ability for discernment, and briefly disengage during these times. By practicing discernment, as part of reflective practice and discourse, we can infuse compassion, deep understanding, and reverence into our relationships, transforming our conflicts into opportunities for growth and deeper love, intimacy, and connection.

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