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Dimensions of Transformative Living

I stand before you naked, though I may be fully clothed. For, I have shed my fears of ridicule or shame. I am but human, whether thin or fat, tall or short, and whatever color is my skin. Beneath all of the facades and identities imposed upon me, I am spirit. I am whole, though the world may see me as fragmented. I am upright, though the world may view me tilted. I am light and hope, despite what pity may come my way. The layers of pretense are melting away as I discover the essence of my true being, replaced by layers of my soul's fortitude. For, transformative reminiscence has allowed me to be free. I know, like those whom have lived a full life, and stand at the ledge of its ending, that all I have experienced is a precious thread of my soul's tapestry. I cherish every moment of life that I have lived, and need not be defined by appearances of piety or eminence. I am cleansed, purified of sin, and ready to meet my maker, whilst leaving a legacy of virtue, in hopes that those I love dearly may learn of this secret to joy and happiness. I have come to know that nothing is more sacred than a life lived in authenticity, meaning, and the volition to serve a higher purpose, in eternity.

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