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Bridging Cultural Divides-Join Our Forum

We live in an historical period of deconstruction and chaos, which will result in redefining boundaries between cultures around the world and within each of our communities. When chaos arises, and sows division and strife, it can either become a force of destruction, leaving us fragmented and isolated within each of our factions, or it can be an opportunity for discovering and repairing the cracks in our foundations of humanity. Division has proven in these past several years to bring out the worst in us, demoralize us, and lead us toward the abandonment of our core virtues and humanistic aspirations. Yet, it has inspired some to get off the fence when it comes to taking action, reaching out to those we have defined as the opposition, in recognition that the problems of our world require a unified effort to resolve.

In this vain, it is my intention to create a transformative community of those with the ambition to reconstruct our society toward intercultural reverence, celebrating diversity as the key to the survival of our species. The diversity of humanity is no less important than the biodiversity of our natural world. We may not be enlightened enough to realize it yet, but we need our differences. We are all woven into the intricate and divine tapestry of the human race, and must come to see that it is all the colors and textures of a tapestry that make it stunningly beautiful. While we still must identify the poisons within our societies and expel them from positions of power and influence through proper legal and political actions, we must still give them a chance to grow. Please help us. Join our forum to share your thoughts on how to heal your neighborhood, town, state, national, or global community. Share your thoughts on what it will take to ensure that everyone is able to feel safe in expressing their views, in a respectful and unifying way, so that we can begin the work of creating a tapestry of our own.

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