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Request for Manuscripts 

Are you a helping professional, seeking to publish life story work, therapeutic journal exercises or programs, or historical fiction to inspire healing, wellness, and social change?  

Are you a researcher or statistician, seeking to publish peer-reviewed literature that promotes participatory action and grounded theory approaches to program development, humanistic public policy, and therapeutic intervention?

Is so,  Life Review Publishers would like to invite you to be a member. 


Life Review publishers is a platform for psychotherapists and other helping professionals to showcase their work, attract patients that are a match for their counseling style, and earn royalties from their shared intellectual property.   

Once submitted, bibliotherapy materials and peer reviewed publications will be assigned an ISBN and copyrighted in your name.  They will then appear on our website, and will be promoted through bookstores, clearing houses, search engines and social media.  They will also be available for purchase for use in bibliotherapy research, and we will provide a statistical analysis of their effectiveness. For an example of how your work would be used, please visit:

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